Multiple users 1 key

Hello, Is there a way to make an organization key?

our situation: We want to archive user emails using GPanel. If I create my own certificate and start the archive process, I’m able to decrypt the gpg file, switch it to a mbox file and view the emails, but if i go on another acount they are unable to decrypt the files. I’ve tried exporting my certificate and then importing it onto another machine and trusting it as much as I could (Second to last option), but this isn’t working either. It will be very inconvenient for us to update the encryption key before every archive because our archiving process is automated. we just check the archive box whenever we get a notification email

Is there any way to use one certificate for multiple computers so any amount of users can decrypt the file using a shared password?

Johaun Banks

Hi Johaun,

I’ve read your comment in the IRC, but unfortunately you left before I could answer. I don’t know the Internals of the GPanel software. But to decrypt, you need to export your secret key and import it into the software. My guess would be, that you exported your public key and trusted it with the other account. Thats what you normally do in the Web of Trust [1]. Try to find an option to export your secret key and import that one into the software and you should be able to decrypt the mails.

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[1] -

Yes, it is possible to have one certificate for multiple users.
The procedure is as follows: create a public and secret key (eg: let’s call it MULTIPLE). Then export public and secret keys to all users. Send all public and secret keys as well as pasword / phasprase. And now all users will be able to encrypt and decrypt file files with MULTIPLE keys. Therefore, user A encrypts (public key MULTIPLE) to all users who have MULTIPLE keys. Other users decrypt the resulting file with the MULTIPLE secret key.