Kleopatra translate file po

Hi, I would like to help reduce Kleopatra into my language can I have the po file? Thank you

At https://gpg4win.org/localize-gpg4win.html you can find the location of the po files plus additional information about the translation process.

There is also a part for the compendium but as we talked in Link broken Gpg4win Compendium some things are changing so the guide has to be edited once there is a new repo for the compendium.

He asked for the po files.
Kleopatra consists now of three translation files.

kleopatra.po from:


And mimetreeparser:

Of course you have to navigate / change the URL to your language. These links are for “de” (german) It is best if you download them from svn because you then get the latest version.
You can send the translated files to me aheinecke@gnupg.org and I will commit them.

Thanks in Advance! that is really helpful!