Link broken Gpg4win Compendium

Hi, I was thinking of translating your Gpg4win Compendium into Italian but your link;a=blob;f=doc/manual/ gpg4win-compendium-de.tex;hb=HEAD is broken. Can you restore? Thank you

Welcome to the forum @Denis,

you can find the manual here:;a=tree;f=doc/manual;h=ad3aaec2f63c854246e0442b2fe9d6c5e64c2373;hb=ea90ea832e3d4b4ebfd729a06e582fdd608b701d but please notice the tag that is mentioning that it is the last commit containing the manual. @aheinecke had the plan to move the manual to a different repo but he probably has so many tasks that he had no time for it yet. So you could work on a translation but would have to wait until the repo was ready.

Also please have in mind that even the German compendium is already 6 years old so some information is not up-to-date now. On the other hand some parts are very useful even today for example when it comes to the general explanation of encryption.

Anyway, thanks for your initiative!