gpg4win certificate for multiple user on same machine

I have created gpg4win certificate (kelopatra) using “abc” user it works fine for user “abc” but when i logged in on same machine using another user id that is “xyz” then i am unable to see certificate created by user “abc” on same machine.

my requirement is if I create certificate (using gpg4win - kelopatra) then it will visible / works for all users on same machine. Is there any way ? Please guide me how can I achieve this.


By default GPG4win stores the keys in directory c:\documents and settings<username>\application data\GnuPG.

If you want different users to be able to use the same keyring you have to :

  • Move (or copy, I’m paranoid…) the key files in a directory that all these users may access, say “C:\GPG_Common”
  • Change the key location for EACH user (see Change the directory where keys are stored ?) so that all user point to this key

(attached is an example of reg file you can use)

GPG.reg (226 Bytes)