WinPT: No paste for password possible


I’m just trying GpG4Win and have some trouble with the WinPT tool. When Im trying to encrypt a message (i.e. from clipboard), I have to enter my password of course. But WinPT doesn’t allows me to copy & paste this password into the field. I have to enter it by hand… entering 16 chars without an error is a little bit difficult and distrubing, isn’t it?
What can I do to enable copy & paste ?

Many thanks for your help!


It is a general security feature that
it is NOT possible to copy&paste passwords.
They should never appear in clear text on the screen.

16 chars sounds too long for a good password.
Usually 8 chars with digits and special characters is recommended.

Thanks for your answer.
I usually store my passwords with a Password Safe Tool (KeePass) and would like to drag and drop the password from KeePass to WinPT …

Hmm, I think, I have to change my password :frowning: