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Good Day All,

does anyone have a reference of help manual for creating a script to simply encrypt a file using a key and place in a directory? Sadly i see lots of people asking something similar with no answer, so any info would be great

Thank you in advance

Hi @tal041482 ,

the challenge with this task as I see it from the questions are the variants of what people want to achieve.

A manual of the scripting language you are using, for example What is PowerShell? - PowerShell | Microsoft Learn and the manual of GnuPG Invoking GPG (Using the GNU Privacy Guard) should be enough to get the task done.

But as the manual says:

Please consider using GPGME instead of calling gpg directly. GPGME offers a stable, backend-independent interface for many cryptographic operations.

The wiki has hints on this in APIs - GnuPG wiki and it only makes sense to use GPGME once the operations need to be very robust or controlled.

There is one additional pitfall that people might avoid:

Does this already help you?
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