Win user trying MacBkAir. Looking 4 latest free GPG & front ends 4 Mac GPG

Dear all
Good day
I’ve been a win user all along
I’m trying my Macbook Air updated to latest Mac OS
I’m looking for the latest compiled version for Mac OS with Kleopatra and GPG4Win type front-ends or alternatively a step by step how to compile GPG on Mac
So far I’ve reached here but that doc is > 4 years old
Any help with exact place to find a compiled version for Mac Book Air or a newer how to would be very much appreciated
thanks in adv
best regards


please note that this is the forum for the Windows port of GnuPG and its frontends. :slight_smile:

A good different place to ask would be the gnupg-users mailinglist

We have the link to on the Gpg4win website,
because there is Free Software for the Mac
which you should be able to compile yourself, if you do not want to take up
their bundle.

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