Win 8.1 - OL13 - "Internal error in GPGOL could not find all objects"


We continue with our tests and now I´ve moved my keys from the previous XP PC and I´ve imported them, using Kleopatra to the new Win8.1 PC, which comes with OL13 installed.

When I try to “encrypt” or to add an encrypted file to an email message
I get the error message you have in the subject of this post:

“Internal error in GpgOL,
could not find all objects”

Please, if any of you have any clue about this problem it would be great,

Regards, Ijorge

It´s been solved.
Regards, Ijorge

Is there a similar issue with WIN7?

Hi Paul,

I´m sorry but I can not confirm it to you.
We have gone from win XP to win8.1 in one step.