Why can't I paste the passphrase in from Keypass in Pinentry

Can anyone assist me. The release notes for version 2.2.0 explain that paste was added to pinentry. However, I cannot paste from Keypass to pinentry.

I’ve noticed that sometimes when the pinentry window opens, it is not the “focus”. That is to say, you may need to click on the window itself to let Windows know that’s where you want to paste.

Also, you can open the entry in KeePass and click the ‘Auto-Type’ tab. Click the ‘Override default sequence’ button and in the line underneath, make sure it only says ‘{PASSWORD}{ENTER}’.

Then, in the ‘Target Window’ field below, click ‘add’ and type ‘pinentry’ in the dialogue. You can leave the ‘default sequence’ checked here. (You may also want to enable ‘Two Channel Auto Type Obfuscation’ at this point.)

And finally, click okay and save your KP database.

I found a really helpful video on YouTube that explains it all:


The person in the video takes some extra steps which I haven’t found necessary, but you’ll get the idea.

Sean C.

I confirm all that SC has said. For me, the pinentry window is never in focus and always needs the click.

Since I followed the advice of the youtube video he quotes, I mostly use the 2 channel obfuscation feature of KeyPass.

I would add one comment : when clicking the ‘add’ button to add a specific window to KeyPass for autotype, I avoid having to type the target window name by selecting the window I want in the KeyPass dropdown box.

Another comment (off the direct subject of pinentry but relevant to autotype-2 channel obfuscation) :
in my experience it is not enough to highlight (focus) the tab relating to the website to be logged into on FireFox. You also need to position the cursor in the login name box before using the autotype feature of KeyPass.