where to download public key

I have just downloaded a new WinPT/GPG version (gpg4win-1.0.0.exe) and the associated OpenPGP signature.

This may sound silly, but I have been unable to locate the specified public ke (ID 1CE0C630) which I require to verify with my existing version. Can anyone tell me where I can download this key?

This was really strange. I once downloaded
the key from the keyserver.

Now I tried again and … it was not there
anymore :frowning:

I uploaded the public key myself to the keyserver. Depending on which one you use,
it might take a while it gets sync’ed.

Please try again and let me know.


im newbie, i generated a key pair,

i cant see my public key. where can i obtain it?

how do i use it to send and receive email using yahoo.