We have again the limit of 4096?

Good day all and tyvm for ur beautiful program!

Im a old user of PGP8 and now i use the last version of GPG4win with Kleopatra (Kleo is vital)… beautiful!

My key (old Key) is a RSA of 4096/4096 with a long password.
Now my question is… we have again the limit for create a key of max bit of 4096?? Or now we can make keys of 8192, 16384 etc…?
I ask coz the limit of 4096bit is a limit of 10 years ago or more… now the world is different and the CPU have much power and i think that 1 big attack on a key with much, much CPU (ty internet…) we can break my key in some yrs or below…


Nice to hear your positive feedback. The Key Sizes / defaults are an often brought up topic and the decisions there are explained in detail in the FAQ of GnuPG:


Gpg4win / Kleopatra adheres to the informed decisions of the GnuPG Initative regarding defaults and key sizes (basically we want to offer what GnuPG offers on the command line)
Btw. Gpg4win-3.0.0 which we are currently working on will support ECC Keys.


Oh, Ty and im sry for asking…

Now i will read all in detail.

I hope in a day that i will can create a very big key.
Ty for all and for ur program.

the security balance of larger RSA keysizes is not simple,
for some arguments see https://wiki.gnupg.org/LargeKeys