Want to stop passphrase popup on new email arrival or Windows Notification

We seem to be having some odd behavior on some of our PCs and not others. I think I’ve got this isolated down to Windows 7 users running Office 365 desktop clients.

When the Windows notification for a new email comes in, the passphrase window comes up. This appears to occur even if we turn off Windows notifications, so it may just be on new email arrival. This is when the inbox that receives PGP messages is not in focus (users have multiple inboxes), or when that folder is not in focus. We’d like the passphrase window to ONLY popup if a signed message is clicked on.

I can’t seem to recreate this behavior in Windows 10. I can’t seem to find any settings that might pertain to what triggers that passphrase box from popping up or not.

These users were using version 2.2.1 for a long time on Outlook 2007, 2010 and 2013 and this popup was not an issue. We migrated to Office365 and the newest plugin (currently users are on 3.1.3) and we started to see this behavior.

Has anyone run into this before and have any feedback on how to stop the passphrase window from interrupting our users’ work flow? Thanks!

no, this is not common behavior. It should work that only when the mail is “read” that GpgOL attempts to decrypt that.

I think an explanation could be that you have an Addon or other software on the affected systems which might automatically “read” each incoming mail internally.