Using Groups with Kleopatra

Hi all

I’m trying to use the gpg Groups concept within Kleopatra without any luck. Am I missing some configuration or there is no such feature?

Everything works fine when using the command line to encrypt a file:
gpg -e -r group1 \temp\file.txt

where “group1” is defined in %appdata%\gnupg\gpg.conf as:
group group1= 0xAAAAAAAA 0xFFFFFFFF

Thanks in advance


No such feature in Kleopatra or GPA, yet.

With 3.1.0 we added the basics needed for this though. There is groups support since then in GpgOL.

I opened a Ticket as a reminder:

Hi Andre

Thanks for the prompt reply and the ticket opening.

About your doubts about the GUI in the ticket, even if we can’t manage (create/modify/delete) groups in Kleopatra directly, I guess the most interesting feature was to be able to use them with GpgEX context menus.