Using Gpg4win with 2 keys in parallel fails


I have setup 2 different keys:
one with private key on YubiKey 5, another with business key on Nitrokey.

Every key works fine if it is the only connected key, means gpg --card-status is showing the right key information.

However, if I plugin the key of Nitrokey first and after this YubiKey 5, gpg --card-status only shows the information of first key.
YubiKey Manager shows the connected key correctly, though.

So, the main issue is that I cannot use 2 different keys in parallel with Gpg4win.

Can you please advise how to fix this issue?



currently there is not a good support for multiple smartcards neither in Kleopatra nor GnuPG. It should work to sign / decrypt with the second key even if card-status or Kleopatra’s smartcard management shows only the info of the first key.

We have already changed that in our development Version GnuPG-2.3 where you will have a new tool “gpg-card” that works properly with multiple smartcards. Kleopatra will have a GUI for that too. You can expect a release with that version in the next three months.

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Hello Andre,
thanks for your response.

Actually I’m using both keys for

  • OpenPGP Email Encryption
  • SSH authentication

I can for sure say that OpenPGP is not working with 2 keys in parallel.
For SSH authentication I didn’t test so far. But this is not my main problem.



it’s possible that one of the keys is blocked by another application. I’m using GnuPG also for SSH and encryption with multiple tokens. My ECC subkeys are on one Token and my RSA subkeys are on a different token and this works nicely.

I have also tested that on Windows. Further debugging with scdaemon logs would be required to understand whats wrong on your system. I’m not sure I can help with that as I’m currently a bit strapped for time as I’m working on the next releases.

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