Updating from 2.1.0?

Very happy with the awesome product! Have been leaving it alone for a few years to do it’s thing and it has recently started to generate errors. Faulting application with unknown module and version Fault address: 0x00320035. Server 2003. I am wondering if updating the software may resolve this issue as something weird is going on with the automated script.

My question (pardon my ignorance if there is documentation on this as I could not find it) is when upgrading from 2.1.0 to the newest version, will I have to reconfigure the keys and settings or will it keep as the settings when upgrading?

If it will not keep my settings, what is the best way to perform an upgrade?

Can anyone give me an answer? I have searched for any documentation on updating but all I find is information on installing. This is a very important issue for us and any help would be greatly appreciated.

Your settings / keys etc. will not be affected by an upgrade to a newer version of Gpg4win.

If you want to backup your keys / config you can copy the gnupg home directory. ( %APPDATA%\gnupg ) to another location first. But updating (installing a new version when an old one is already installed) is completly normal and fully supported.