Unknown Kleopatra Version

Found a small bug in Kleopatra with GPG4Win 3.1.13. It doesn’t display the version number in About Kleopatra

Kleopatra version.jpg

I have the same problem. Windows 10 2004.

Yeah I messed up. We were in the middle of developing a new way to verify our own installation and then the security release had to happen and I didnt notice that I only half commited the work for the version stuff. My bad.

Serious apologies. The task is fixed https://dev.gnupg.org/T5056

More annoyingly this will also hide any update notification from 3.1.13 to a different version :frowning:

Unknown Windows Version means: A version of Kleopatra running on Winodws that is unknown. And not that Kleo does not know about the windows Version.

We were struggling a bit with institutions that repackaged Gpg4win and leaving out stuff like GpgEX or did not put GnuPG\bin in the path and we had bug reports from their users and did not understand the reports because they were just caused by bad repackaging our work,…

I knew it was just a minor little “bug” but figured I’d report it so it could get added to the to-do list. I only noticed it after checking to make sure the update really did update everything.

Hi Mark,

thanks for reporting the problem!
(Better to have it reported multiple times, than missing it. :wink: )

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