Unknown Files

There are 2 files in that gnupg directory that I’m not sure the purpose of. I know private keys are stored in a directory called private-keys-v1.d and public keys are stored in pubring.kbx.

I have a file called PAPubring.gpg (111 bytes) and PAsecring.gpg (113 bytes) I’m guessing they are too small to be holding anything but just curious to what they are.

See https://gnupg.org/documentation/manuals/gnupg/GPG-Configuration.html#GPG-Configuration

And pubring.gpg is not used anymore if pubring.kbx is there.

But the “PA” prefix is not something I’ve seen before, are you sure about this?


The documentation can probably be improved on this point, see https://dev.gnupg.org/T4958

Thanks Berhnard. I eventually found the source of these files. I use a program called PowerArchiver that does support PGP as well. It’s odd as I have not actually imported nor created any keys in PowerArchver.

I’m not sure why they use a separate key file from the standard ones but hopefully will find that out.

Mark, thanks for the feedback. If the files are in the same directory as your regular GnuPG files, then maybe Powerarchiver is using some sort of embedded GnuPG inside?