Unattended generation of SSH Keys with gpg4win

I need to programmatically generate certain SSH Keypairs in an unattended mode (without user-interaction, C#).

As far as I understand, gpg4win does not support the command ‘–quick-generate-key’.
Instead I can use the command parameters ‘–gen-key’ with ‘–batch’.

Can anybody tell me, how the other required parameters (like Key-Type, Length, Expire-Date, …) are exactly named and must be used?
I don’t find any documentation about this for gpg4win, only for the Linux-gpg command.

Any clue would be helpful.
thanking you in anticipation

Hi Markus,

the upcoming Gpg4win 3.0.0 release includes GnuPG 2.2 which has `–quick-generate-key’.
My recommendation is to use one of the release candidates today (or wait a few days for the 3.0.0).


Ok, this sounds good.
I will check it out…

Thank you!