Unable to Import Key from Server

In my previous message I learned that the key-servers are acting a bit odd lately. I was able to search for some keys today and even add them. There was one key that although it found it, for some reason it would not import it. The Key is from 2015 (so not the old format) and is still valid until 2025 so I’m not sure why it is not importing it. Kleopatra is not saying why it can’t. Is there a way a log or something that lists why it wouldn’t import it?


import key.jpg

Hi Mark,
some keys are “spammed”, they have too many third party signatures, this maybe a reason why they cannot completely downloaded and imported.

Two ways to find out what is going on:
a) download the pubkey as file and try on the command line (with more diagnostics)
b) try the command line with --recv-keys or --locate-external-keys (with more diagnostics)

Best Regards,

I looked at the details of the keys and I don’t believe there are too many third party signatures on it. In fact all of them are his own keys.

How would I download the pubkey as a file with Kleopatra. I don’t see this as an option, just import

for downloading I was thinking of using the web interface to some of the pubkeyservers.
(There probably is a way with GnuPG, but I don’t remember an easy one. As said, this is diagnostic stuff and each case I investigate is a bit different. :slight_smile: )