Unable to encrypt emails to myslef

I am using GnuPG on WIndows 10 with Outlook 2010.
When sending encrypted emails to people whose public keys I have imported, everything works EXCEPT my name is not in the list of public keys that I can use, therefore I am unable to encrypt for myself and therefore I cannot decrypt my own emails in my Sent Items.
Previously, my own public key was listed - it still is listed in Kleopatra but it has gone missing from the droplist in the Outlook addon.
I have tried fixing it by importing my own public key but that has not helped.
This is presumably some sort of glitch in the Outlook plugin.


a cause for this could be that your Encryption subkey has expired. In Kleopatra in the certificate details under “More Details” there you can see all your subkeys. If the encryption capable subkey is expired GpgOL will not show it anymore. But Kleopatra still shows it as valid because the primary key is not expired.

Can you encrypt a file to yourself in Kleopatra?

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You are absolutely correct!
The “Encrypt” and “Authenticate” subkeys were not extended when the primary key was extended.
I now need to educate myself on how to make the validity of these keys the same as the primary key or how to extend their validity separately. I assume it ill be via a console command as I don’t see an option in Kleopatra.

Hi Jan,

yes “gpg --edit-key” on your key on the command line and then “help”

I think the command is “setexpire” or so. I’m not 100% sure but there are lots of examples on the internet.
We really need to add that to Kleopatra. You are the second person or so this week who I talked to that has this problem.

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All fixed - thanks!