Unable to decrypt Adele Test

New to Gpg4win. Trying to learn how to implement it within Outlook. Carefully following the compendium. Sent my public certificate (.asc file) to Adele as instructed. Received answer with encryped text as shown in compendium. followed the instructions on page 69; e.g. opened the email, selected the complete encryped text, invoked dycryption from either the MS Outlook/GpgOL/Decrypt path or by right clicking on selected text and invoking Decrypt. Have seen two error messages. The first indacating no data selected and the second indicating a general error.

If I attempt to use Decrypt/Verify File from within Kleopatra, I get a dialog asking me to point to the “file”. This can’t be correct since I am attempting to decrypt an email message…not a file.

The computer platform is Win7Pro 64 and MS Outlook is 2010 version 14.0.7128.5000

Can someone point to where I am going wrong.

My mistake…the platform is XP Professional…not Win7. Therefore all 32 bit. The next test will use a Win7Pro 64 bit platform assuming I can get thru XP