Trying to Verify Electrum Download

Procedure Log for Verifying Electrum Download
1) Download GPG4Win and install it. With only Kleopatra.
2) Downloaded Electrum installer and Signature file to folder “Electrum Verify”
3) Start Kleopatra. I have previously started process.

This is where I am at. Please advise how to proceed. I have tried a couple of things and not been able to verify Thomas.

I discovered my error; I did not have the full screen showing; to the right there was a menu option that solved the problem…

Hello James, welcome to the Forum!

And good that you managed to solve your problem on your own.

A hint for the future: Please do not edit your post for such important info that the issue is solved, as the edits are not sent via mail to the people following this forum mainly by mail. Instead reply to your original post in that case.

No need to do it this time around any more, as my post will inform the others now.

Hi James,

good that you found out how to check that you’ve got the right public key.
(I saw a couple of guide like How to verify Electrum signature? Check if your electrum wallet is legit which explain how this all works. However I did not verify them.)


Thank you for the correction. If I understand correctly, I do not announce a solution with an edit, but as a Reply.
Will do.

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