Trying to change passphrase in Kleopatra

I am trying to change the passphrase for my key in Kleopatra. When I right-click on the certificate key I can choose “Change Passphrase…”

When i do, it takes maybe 30 seconds and comes back with an error shown in the attachment.


Hi Dave,
for changing a password, an additional window should pop up.
Sometimes it happens that the windows is behind other windows on a different screen or hidden elsewhere and is overlooked,

Can you retry and check (by moving away, or minimising other windows) that there is no
“pinentry” window somewhere hidden on your desktop?

Best Regards,
ps: If you continue having problems, can you state the version of Gpg4win you are using
and if this is an OpenPGP or a CMS (for S/MIME) key?

No other windows pop up other than the error box. It is OpenPGP.


…gpg4win version is 3.1.3

Hi Dave,
can you update to the current version 3.1.11 of Gpg4win and retry?

(We have fixed a number of technical problems since 3.1.3 at least one related to pinentry not starting properly.)

Best Regards,
You know that Gpg4win is pay-as-you want, so you can chose to pay 0 USD/€ and go to the download section directly. (And then pay next time, if you like Gpg4win. :wink: )