transferring decrypted emails within Outlook to another email-account


my intention is to use 4 IMAP-email-accounts within a company with 4 SMIME certificates. Each employee uses Outlook with all 4 email-accounts and all 4 SMIME certificates.

Now I made some tests and found out that it is not possible to transfer decrypted SMIME-emails accounts in Outlook using the drag+drop-function to another email-account, because nothing happens if i use drag+drop. It is only possible to use drag+drop for emails which are not encrypted by the OpenGL-Plugin.

So transferring emails within the company means encrypting the emails agains, but I think it would be easier to use drag+drop.

Is there a solution?


Hi Zigg,
are you aware of :

"- GpgOL

  • It is not possible to modify mails (e.g. moving / flagging the mail)
    while they are shown decrypted.
    To workaround this: unselect the crypto mail and then make changes
    through the right click context menu or move it with drag and drop.


Hi Bernhard,

I dont know what this really means. How to use drag+drop without selecting the decrypted mail?

Please explain it.

Many thanks

Hi Zigg,
selecting: yes, but not showing the contents.



I deactivated the “message preview”-function, so I only see the list with all emails including the decrypted one.

But the problem still remains…

Message preview might be confusing (Preview is the line that is written below the subject in the messagelist.) What is really meant it that it may not be active in the reading pane.

Let me show you:

You can also just shift click the selected mail before moving it to unselect it.

Basically: As long as decrypted content is visible mails can’t be moved. And the really bad thing is that we can’t even detect that Outlook wants to move the mail :-/ so we can’t react.

For the record, I’m thinking a lot about this problem as I think that this is one of the major architectural hurdles that we have. The Ticket for this is

Many thanks for your efforts!!!

Unfortunately I still dont really understand it :wink: I made a lot of tests and found out that it is a way to transfer the email to the TRASH-Folder and then to the TRASH-Folder of the the target email-account and from TRASH of the target account e.g. to “INCOMING”-folder.

But its okay. You did a lot of support and now I have to work and find my own solution.

Best wishes,


I found out that after changing the preview-settings it is a good idea to close outlook and start it again. After restarting, its possible to move the emails.

… sometimes moving decrypted emails is possible and sometimes not …