TPM support

GnuPG 4.3 added support for loading private keys to TPM:

However, when I tried to move my key to TPM using the keytotpm command, I received

gpg: error from TPM: Not supported

My system have AMD fTPM enabled and I am currently using BitLocker with TPM 2.0.

Hello Dingwen Wang,

as the TPM support is relatively new, please ask this on the gnupg-user@ mailinglist,
and if you do not get an answer there, go to the gnupg-devel@ mailinglist.

Best Regards,

Did you ever get resolution for this? I am facing same error of Not supported and I have tried on several different machines.

I guess you should try and write to the Gnupg-users mailing list ( For GnuPG-specific topics it’s sometimes more fitting.