Too much hard work to use this now

Always getting IPC errors etc.

I will come back when there’s a new version that works

Hi Demon,

can you be more specific about the problems you are having?

Which versions are you using? What are you trying to do?
What actions lead to the problems you are seeing.

(We know for many users that things are working for them, so maybe there is a difference in how you are trying to use Gpg4win or a part of it.)

Best Regards,

Well, I can run it as a different user, rather than admin (which is a pain as I do not want lots of user profiles on my PC), but using the shell extension to encrypt etc still moans about administrator and unable to connect to IPC.

is there a full doc on how to install and run it properly not using admin?

It is the regular use case that Gpg4win is used as regular used (without admin priviledges).

Did you by chance use it with admin right initially?
This may have caused some of your problems, see

Which shell extension are you using in detail? And what error messages are you getting?