To : People who feel this place is unhelpful


I’m stepping well out of my bounds right now, since I’m still learning an awful, awful lot about GPG and so forth. I’d class myself as a rank amateur still, and unfortunately when I posted for help here, I never heard anything either.

So I went out and searched for the information I sought. And boy oh boy, was it fun.
is one mailing list for GPG users
is another for basic PGP/GPG advice.

GPG is a complex little thing, I’ve hardly learned how to use the command line variant myself, but I’m working on it.

I don’t know enough to help, all I can do is encourage you that you’re not alone in feeling swamped under, and there is places out there where you can get the assistance you need. No harm in starting by subscribing to a few places, and watching and learning. You might even get a better answer there.

To the guys. I’m not meaning to be critical, but I can empathise with the people who feel lost. Does anyone actually update here anymore?

Thank you for the mailinglists.