This forum's venue

It seems remarkable to me, given the nature of Gpg4Win security-related subject matter, that I need to confirm a security exception to visit this forum:

As this is not necessary to do elsewhere, why so here?

Hi b1 -x,

I agree with what you said but would also like to add that it may not even be worth the click to confirm the security exception.

This forum is very, very sparsely visited, it seems. Am I missing something? Posting in the wrong place?

I know about the mailing list but upon reading it for a while it seems like most of that traffic is between developers and I hate to pop in and ask a newb question.

For example, I posted a question weeks ago asking if anyone knew why I could generate a revocation certificate without entering a passphrase.

To this day it’s unanswered.

I really would like to know the answer to that because if I walk away from my desk, ol’ Suzy over there can sit down and issue revocation certificates for all my keypairs in about 10 seconds.


Hi bi1-x,

for historical reasons we are using a certificate from our mini-ca We will probably change this in the future.


Hi Tom,

there was a break in activity during the new years holiday season in the forum.
I think we have over 2600 posts in the English Gpg4win forum and there were many
answered questions.

Another good place to ask are the user mailinglists, e.g. Gpg4win-users-en
all usage questions are welcome there!