The file contained no valid encrypted data

I’m trying to decrypt a file and received the following message. “the file contained no valid data”

The keys and file in question work just fine from another workstation. I installed them and imported the keys the same way on both. Has anyone seen this error message before?

Thank you in advance…


Has someone a solution for this problem ?
I got this same message too, but don’t know what I am doing wrong.

I have gpg4win installed on my desktop running Vista Ultimate (don’t like but it’s what I’m licensed for), thunderbird using enigmail and it works perfectly, sending and receiving. setting up gpg4win on a salesmans machine to satisfy a contract requirement and his machine is XP/sp2+Outlook2007+gpg4win2.014 and I’m getting the same error on trying to decrypt emails. they send fine from his machine, and my Tbird decrypts the great, but his OL cannot decrypt anything sent from anywhere.