system restore deleted my private pgp key and the id key. help?

did a system restore and lost my private pgp key and the gpg4win app was deleted which then deleted my id key.i know all the other info tho and its stopping me from logging into anoter account which iv got money in so I need help

Hi James,
if you really lost your private-key, there is nothing which can be done.
(Which is a good thing, because if we could recover your private key,
others could as well.)

If it is important to you, the keyword to look for is “data recovery”
and for the future “backup”. There are professional companies that may be
able to scrap some data from your restored system.

Another way is to identify again to your banking provider by other means
and thus regain access to your account.


System restore is afaik revertible, at least for a time.

I’d suggest you do a search for “Windows System restore undo” If you have not tried that yet.