store certificates on main server.

Is GPG4win compatible with Server 2003 or 2008?

Can I install Kleopatra on a windows 2003 or 2008 server to manage certificates from a central location and then link to the workstations with the GPG4win software installed?

We have about 10 users who will require this.

Will GPG4win be compatible with Office 2010 at some stage?

I installed GPG4Win-Light on server 2008 and had no problems with it. I have no use for Kleopatra on the server, I just need the command line capabilities. I used Kleopatra on my PC and imported the public key and certificate to the server.

how do i do that?

what part of the install package do i install?

i have never used this before and need any help i can get.

so install full package on the desktops and install the command line capabilities on the server, and then how do i import the key’s to the server?

Here is a great web site that helped me use GPG4win by using the command line interface:

I used Kleopatra to export my certificate and it put it in the C:\Program Files\GNU\GnuPG folder. I copied that file on to the server and put it in the equivalent location, C:\Program Files (x86)\GNU\GnuPG. I put a copy of the public key for the vendor I needed in the same location on the server (already had that one in a separate file but you should be able to export that also from Kleopatra). I was playing around for a while until I got it to work but I think this is what is needed. First import the certificate file (GPG --import “file name”). Then import the key (same way). Then sign the key (GPG --sign “key name”). Hope this helps.

  • Greg

Forgot to say GPG4WIN-Light is a separate download that does not put Kleopatra in the systray. It still put an icon on the desktop but that did not launch anything or failed to launch when I tried.

does GPG4win allow for private key’s? our company has a few key’s already, can i import them onto GPG4win and how would i go about it?

It does and yes you can import them. Kleopatra makes it easy. On the File menu is import certificates. Click on that and then navigate to your key file. You will need to sign it to put it into your trusted folder (and you would have already had to create your own cerficate prior to that).