Starting gpgsm.exe multiple times when opening SMIME signed email


I noticed a new problem which might did come out with gpg4win 3.1.5.

When a SMIME signed email was openend by the receipient, sometimes (not always) the program “GnuPGs X.509/CMS tool (32 Bit)” = gpgsm.exe is started three times. Therefore the SMIME email cannot be opened in Outlook. Closing Outlook and restarting Outlook does not help. Sometimes windows log-off and log-in helps. The problem can be solved by killing gpgsm.exe using Taskmanager or killtask-commandlet. But of course this not a “nice” solution.

Any suggestions? Thanks

We had spurious reports (and I’ve seen it myself at least once) about a hanging gpg-agent together with S/MIME. Once gpg-agent is blocked decryption won’t work anymore until it is killed. And gpgsm.exe processes that wait to communicate with the agent will stack up.


I’ve recently written a test program that should help us to flush this out. So we’ll work on it.

Thanks for reporting it though, that confirms that this is a real world problem.