SSH login using gpg keys

I have downloaded gnupg4win and created a new set of keys using the windows command line via gpg2 command, including an authorization subkey for SSH login to be used with putty.

The gpg-agent config file has already “enable-putty-support” line in it but my SSH login is still asking for a regular password instead of a passphrase for key. The public key portion of authorization subkey is already copied to the server “~/.ssh/authorized_keys” file in rsa format.

I was checking %AppData%\gnupg\private-keys-v1.d directory of my client computer and there are no files show up in it. It was my understanding that Gpg 2.0 uses this directory to save the secret keys but I can see my keys in Kleopatra and use them for encryption and signing. Can this be a problem? I already tried killing and restarting the gpg-connect-agent , but no results.

What am I missing here? My intention is to get a yubikey and use it for ssh authentication eventually.


Hi Emre,

private-keys-v1.d in GnuPG 2.0 is only for CMS keys as far as I remember, so
that is not a problem.

As for the ssh support: If you do not get good answers here in the forum, I suggest you try one of the mailinglists, e.g. gnupg-users.


Your message actually helped me realize that gnupg4win is not using gnupg 2.1 but older. I uninstalled gnupg4win and installed gnupg 2.1 , created a new set of keys via commandline and ssh voila!

Thank you

You are welcome, thanks for trying the new GnuPG 2.1. :slight_smile:

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