Some help with new installation please.

Just installed and whenever I start up GPA I get 3 windows pop-up:

  1. “GnuPG is rebuilding the trust database. This might take a few seconds.”

  2. "The GPGME library returned an unexpected error at keytable.c:150. The error was:

Provided object is too short

This is either an installation problem or a bug in GPA. GPA will now try to recover from this error."

  1. A dialog box saying I don’t have a private key yet and giving me option to generate one now.

I’ve re-installed and tried creating keys but nothing seems to work.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hi Jonathan,
which version of windows are we talking about?
Is this a fresh install or did you have Gpg4win or GnuPg installed before?

What about kleopatra, does it work?

Best Regards,