Skandinavian symbols/chars

There is major problem in e-mail encryption and decryption with Outlook 2003 and 2007. Here in scandinavia whe have those a’s and os’s also with dots also, like Ö, ö, Ä,ä and Å,å.

If i get encrypted e-mail to me with swedish or finnish text the decrypt of the message does not include any of those skandinavian symbols! If the text is before encryption: ääliö it will be after decryption: li and nothing else. This means that encryption changes the message itselves. This is totally illegal situation.

Outlook plugin must be proken! If I open any message with this problem in Linux, the message is correctly handled and all characters are presented correctly untempered. This is totally issue for Outlook and outlook plugin.

Encryption of email does the same thing for message content! Attachements works fine.

I have the same problem - I have tryed differend character codings UTF8 etc… but no luck.

This application is very poorly supported and this problem is major issue. Now messages are tampered by encryption applications (or gpg+Outlook) and this is totally NO NO situation in case of encryption! So I agree whith you totally.

No one seems to be interested on this major problem. Gpg4win is crap. Use pgpShell instead of this junk. GpgShell works. Outlook is more or less bullshit and there fore use Thunderbird instead. Thunsderbird thus has not propriatery MAPI support for Exhange Server, so you might have problems with it in that case.