Singing problem in 3.1.10

After upgrade to 3.1.10 e-mails that are singned can be opened in MS Outlook (my version is O365) just once. After you close the message u cannot return to it as it seems to be empty with attached file signature.asc.
There was no problem b4 upgrade.

I checked this with several of my friends on different desktops.
p.s. if you sing and encrypt there is no problem only if you sign the e-mail and not encrypt it. No problem in thunderbird as well so it must be GPGOL.

Please advise,

2019-08-06 15_15_11-Window.png

Of course signing not singing :wink:

This is strange indeed. I’ve just checked with my test instance O365 with latest update and with the O365 mail account. I also tested with an IMAP account. This has also not been reported by others so I’m pretty sure that someone would have already reported it if it is a general problem.

I can open the mail as much as I want, in it’s own window and in the messagelist, everywere. What you describe looks like GpgOL is not active at all. If you hover over the purple “Insecure” button. Does it show the generic “this message has not been signed” message or some error?

Does the Mail still have the Blue Ribbon after you close it?

Could you please also try to disable all other Addins for testing and then try again with a new mail? In the past we had strange side effects with other Addins.

I tested it without any other pluggin.
Will provide screens from 4 events.

  1. I get e-mail => has white ribbon.
  2. I click on message and it shows its content as well as file signature.asc.
  3. I switch to other message => ribbon disappears.
  4. I come back to my message it has no content - only file signature.asc.








Ok. So somehow the message class is messed up. The ribbon is related to the message class and we change that to our own class (blue ribbon). Somehow this changes for you after switching the message. And after it switches we do not look at this message anymore because it does not have a message class from us. So we do not verify anymore.

Maybe a log helps me to see a reason for that. I would have bet on other addins but if you tested without them we can rule that out. Very strange. Can you please enable logging in the GpgOL Options under debug. Log level +trace please. And repeat that test cycle.

You can send the log directly to me