Silent/Unattended Installation

I found the topic on “Silent/Unattended Installation”, but it’s in German.

I need to install Gpg4Win silently (gpg4win-light-1.1.3.exe) from my own installer. How do I do this?

Nobody has any idea how to run the windows installer silently?

NSIS supports the unattended installation
and it is implemented for the 1.9.x-beta series
of Gpg4win.
If you have a test environment you might
try out 1.9.2 (see download page) whether
it already serves your needs.
Another option is to backport the NSIS patches
from 1.9 to 1.3, but this requires some work
I guess.

I figured it out yesterday. The command line option is “/S” (the S must be in uppercase).