Silent install gpg4win 4.2.0


according to the documentation, the silent installation can be controlled using the response file (ini file).

is this option no longer available under version 4.0.2?

Thanks in advance

Welcome to this forum @Konstantin!

Installing Gpg4win 4.2.0 silenty definitely works. Just use gpg4win.exe /S as mentioned in the compendium. When it comes to the control file it didn’t seem to work for me. I set inst_kleopatra to false and installed Gpg4win with the parameters /S and /C but Kleopatra was installed nonetheless. Maybe someone else can test this?

many thanks for the answer.

I never said silent installation shouldn’t work😎

The point is that the answer file is no longer evaluated and your test confirms that.

Our customer wants the silent installation without gpgol, during the implementation we encountered the problem with the response file.

we are currently disabling the addin via registry manipulation, which works fine, but would be nicer if the standard procedures worked.

Kind regards

I created an issue for this case. You can subscribe it to get any news when the developers investigate it.

Thank you very much.