Signing & Encrypting cuts off text in body of email

Signing and Encrypting an email causes the body of text to be cut off after being sent.

midway though the paragraph or signature lines it just stops and there is a lot of missing text.

This doesn’t happen when you just encrypt the text in the email only.


thanks for reporting it. I’m assuming this is about GpgOL? (I am the GpgOL maintainer)
We currently have no known issue for this.

Can you elaborate a bit about the Mail that is cut off. Is it very long? Does it use some special embedded things?

Could you maybe send me an example of such a cut off mail once unencrypted and once signed and encrypted, so that I can see the original and the cut off mail.

My Address is my key is available on the public keyservers ( Fingerprint 94A5C9A03C2FE5CA3B095D8E1FDF723CF462B6B1 )

or here:


I’d be happy to but once I did a full uninstall and re-install of gpg4win 3.1.2 on my system it was resolved

there was traces of a previous version showing installed which maybe? caused the issue.

I would forward you examples but the ones I have contain sensitive information and I’m now unable to reproduce the issue, my apologies.

If it happens again, I’ve saved your info to my keying and will forward an example to you.

Thanks for your assistance!