signing and encypting at the same time

Apologies, but I am sure I am doing something silly. I can either encrypt a file with another users public key and that works (they can unencrypt it). Or, I can sign a file with my private key and the recipient can verify I signed the file. What is not working for me is to do both e.g. if I merely sign the file it is not protected, but if I sign and encrypt the recipient has trouble verifying I signed the file, but they can un-encrypt. Suggestions please?

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–Sherman Mohler

How do you do this, eg, what command do you use ?

I have GnuPG 1.4.6 and use this command on a Windows box:
gpg.exe -a -u %MY_SIG% -r %RECIPIENT% -es %FILE%


  • MY_SIG is a var for the private key ID
  • RECIPIENT is a var for the parnter’s public key ID
  • FILE is the file which shall be encrypted