sign separate chunks of text inside a single text file

Hello. New to this forum. I have long used PGP in Windows for a number of purposes, one of which is to sign chunks of a text file. I see a number of clients each day. I make notes on those encounters, one plain text file per day. There are notes on several clients in each daily text file. I’ve been in the habit of signing each client’s note separately (not signing the file as a whole.) This method works for me. With PGP 8 on Win XP, I could highlight a chunk of text and sign it. Then highlight the next chunk of text and sign it, and so on. My work computer has just been changed to Win 7. My PGP 8 does not work on Win 7. To get PGP working, I’d have to buy a new version for over $100. So I’d like to use GPG (which I have also used in the past for some purposes, such as with Enigmail on my Linux machine at home.) I have not been able to figure out how to sign each chunk of text in a file separately with GPG; only how to sign the file as a whole. Is there a way to do this with GPG on Win 7? Thanks.

Here’s one way that could be accomplished:

With Kleopatra running, highlight the text and copy it to the clipboard. Right-click the Kleopatra icon in the system tray and mouse over the “clipboard” option. Select sign (S/MIME or OpenPGP). Paste the new, signed text where the original was.

Sean C.

Thanks! It worked. Only a couple extra keystrokes. I can live with that, especially in exchange for getting back to a free/open-source application.


Glad to hear it!