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We have been using your software for several years, and we consider it very valid, we recently ,we noticed the introduction of the show password button, it would be possible to disable this button, even via the registry key, to date I have not yet found a solution for this problem.
This need arises from the fact that for security reasons our keys have passwords divided into two parts, and consequently the second operator could accidentally click on the button in question and show the first part of the password.

Someone have a idea how to disable this button for revelant password

Thanks a lot



Hi Andrea,

thanks for sharing your use case! (This is one is now to me.)

To my knowledge there is no pinentry (or other option) to disable the button.
There are two ways you could try from here:
a) try one of the other existing pinentries (there used be more than one shipped with Gpg4win, and possibly the -gtk2 one has a warning before showing the passphrase, at least it used to have one.)
b) Develop a patch for pinentry to add an option for this and use your version of pinentry.

Best Regards,

Hi Andrea,

one more idea
c) use a pinentry from a previous release of Gpg4win not having the button, just extract it and see if it runs.

Backround: There are several pinentry applications and they implement the pinentry protocol, which is a small protocol. There weren’t that many changes in recent years to it as far as I remember, so it could work to just use an old pinentry. (Depends a bit on dynamic libraries.)