sending e-mails using plain-text PGP/GPG


I have not used GPG4Win for a long time. But I have also installed the Addon for Thunderird.
I now tried to write an e-mail and was successful to encrypt it. I also have given my public key to the receiver.
But the receiver sent me back the following answer:
Encrypt your message using plain-text PGP/GPG, not PGP/MIME. Our support systems do not support PGP/MIME.

Seems I have sent my mail as PGP/MIME.
I do not know what PGP/MIME is and I also do not know where I can see, if I send my mails with PGP/MIME.

Question: What can I do, to be sure, that my e-mail is sent using plain-text PGP/GPG.
Can you give me some steps.

Would appreciate your help.

Thank you.

with kind regards

Not sure if this means, that the receiver does not accept an encripted Mail, but only an encripted Attachment?


can you tell us who your recipient is? That in this day and age someone does not support PGP/MIME is bad :-/ maybe we can help them.

Regarding your question. In our Outlook plugin we have an option “Send PGP/Inline for Mails without attachment” that would work in your case. For Thunderbird / Enigmail there is an option for that, too I think but I don’t know exactly where it is. The important information for you is that you are looking for something called “PGP/Inline”. It’s a bad format that does not support attachments and encoding etc.

Regardless of the Mail client you can use Kleopatras “Notepad” to create such messages. Basically you write your message in Kleopatras Notepad. Encrypt it there and copy&paste it in your mail client. You should probably also check that the format of the mail is set to plain text for maximum compatibility.

Its all far from comfortable but proper Mail communication requires MIME and PGP/MIME.

I have written some related notes on why PGP/MIME should be preferred in our wiki:

Thank you.

I was successful.

It is a company. But not sure if they want/need help with this.