Same Keyring Shared by Two Different OpenPGP Applications?

I installed Gnu Privacy Guard for Windows (Gpg4win) from and the Enigmail extension for Thunderbird

I already have public and private keyrings for PGP. How can I get
Gpg4win and Enigmail to use the same keyrings so that I do not have to
maintain two redundant keyrings.

Open Kleopatra or GPA and import your certificates and keys. If you have not done so, you may need to first export those keys in the PGP software.

Won’t that result in my having two, redundant keyrings? Is there no way to have Gpg4win use the same keyring files that already exist for PGP? If not, is there some other version of GnuPG for Windows that has that capability?

You can change the keyring GPG uses by navigating here:


…and adding the following strings to the end of the “gpg.conf” file:

keyring C:\Keys\pubring.gpg
secret-keyring C:\Keys\secring.gpg

(Of course, you’ll need to replace the directory and path with the location of the PGP keyring.) Although, I’m not sure if GPG will recognize the PGP keyrings as I don’t have it installed.

You can stop GPG from using it’s own default keyring by adding the string:


Sean C.