Restart on Outlook 2013 sp1 32 bit on ver 3.1.3 beta 20

Hi Andre,

I confirm you that, in my Outlook 2013 sp1 32 bit on win7-32 bits, Outlook crashes and restarts when sending an encrypted and signed email. (A very simple email!)
What more do you need for help you (detailed instructions pls!).
Disabling non blocking encrypt/sign seems to resolve this issue.


Joseph M. Rexach

Hi Josep,

Thanks for testing an the confirmation.
For now I was only looking for confirmation that another user is also affected. The original reporter of the crash is available to me through IRC and I have good logs of the crash (although I can’t explain it). So I can get more tests and debug info from him.

I’ll let you know if I need further tests / more info. Common ground I see between you and the other reporter of the crash is that you both use Outlook 2013. But in my test instance with OL 2013 I also don’t see the crash :-/

Best Regards,

I was able to reproduce the issue and after a lot of debugging I found the trick to workaround the crash while still keeping asynchronous encryption enabled.

Could you confirm that it is fixed for you with beta24 from ?


Hi Andree,

Good news:Beta 24 seems to work fine encrypting.

BUT: When I tried to verify the package signature with .sig file it fails giving a message of “internal error” and shutting down Kleopatra. I tried several signatures from explorer and also fails. I didn’t tried w/o Kleopatra.


Good that we caught that before the release. (Although that would have been part of our pre release test checklist). Thanks! I’ll look into it and probably upload a fixed version later.

I’ve uploaded beta28 and will run our release testplan against it tomorrow. It contains GnuPG 2.2.10 (and the signing is fixed)