"Rebuilding the trust database"

I haven’t been able to find anything in the readme, the support documents, or on this forum regarding this error. Since installing the gpg4win on a 64-bit HP laptop, it’s done this ever since I first installed it and tried to create a just a “test key”. I’ve tried uninstalling it, reinstalling it, now whenever the program starts, it starts with this error, doesn’t give you an option to create a new key now after installing and re-installing- just shows that error that never goes away.

Can anyone help me? Any ideas, even?

Thanks in advance for any help anyone can provide.

here’s the error

gpg4win error.jpg

Hi Bob,
sorry to read that you hare having problems.

The error message assumes that you are using GPA, can you try with Kleopatra?
Does it have the same problem?

Can you also try on the command, if
gpg --version
gives a good answer.


Hi Bob,
on a command line, try to run the trustdb update manually so see if it has a problem with

gpg --check-trustdb


Hello Bob,

I have read about your issue and have tried to reproduce it on a Windows 10. These information below may help you:

  1. Usually, I use Windows 10 Pro and Gpg4win with Kleopatra and it works fine. But in this case I uninstalled Gpg4win, Kleopatra and GnuPG with the following steps:

“Control Panel” → “Programs” → “Uninstall a program” → right click “Gpg4win” and “Kleopatra” and “GnuPG” → “Uninstall”

  1. I have downloaded “gpg4win-4.0.0.exe” → from “https://www.gpg4win.org/” → in the Downloads folder right click on “gpg4win-4.0.0(.exe)” and “Run as administrator” → next window click “Yes”

  2. Now I have chosen my preferred language (English) → Welcome message “Next” → Attention: here you can choose the components and in this case I have chosen “GPA” instead of “Kleopatra” → “first check GPA, GpgOL, GpgEX and also possible the Browser integration, if you want to use it” than “unchecked Kleoparta”. → “Next” → “Install” → “Next” → “Finish”

  3. In this step I’ve opened GPA “GNU Privacy Assistant” and created a new key and set a Passphrase (Password). Everything works fine, no error messages. Sending encrypted E-Mail also works fine.

I forgot to mention, that:

  1. I have deleted the first key of the new installation and created a new key again and again, but no error messages.