Random problems with Kleopatra integration

I am disappointed that the Kleopatric program does not integrate nicely with Windows 10 Pro running Outlook 2013. I often get random error messages about interfaces not available, and it consumes a “lot” of memory even when Outlook is closed and it sets idle in RAM. Intentions are fine, but it needs more work before I can say it is ready for prime-time. Here for example is the latest popup error in my attachment:

Kleopatra error popup Doc1.pdf (92.8 KB)

Hi b1-x,

sorry that Gpg4win is not working well for you, we are trying to improve it.
(btw: Did you try 2.3.0?)

You can possibily help us to find out what the problem in your installation is.
Please take a look at http://wiki.gnupg.org/TroubleShooting

Your error message “Could not bind to socket: Unknown error” could have several causes. Note that the “localhost” TCP connection is used, in the past some users
had problems with a missconfiguration of “localhost” or an overaggressive personal “firewall” setting.