Question on Outlook plugin_Claws

Hey, brand new to gpg4win & couple questions on encrypting email.

1st, are Outlook & Claws the only options for email clients (other than attaching encrypted files in another one)?

Not a huge fan of MS email clients, but… used Tbird a long time.

How quickly are Claws patches issued - security or otherwise? I’m a bit concerned about general security of any email client.

I didn’t see anything about Claws on the features pages. Are there quite a few screenshots & description of features in the manual / guide?


As far as i know, thunderbird with enigmail extension is the easiest way to use gpg encrypted mail.

Some time ago tried claws mail, but it had some problems (it did not interoperate with my IMAP server), and it mishandled non ascii characters in messages.
Never tried outlook plugin.

Thanks yyy ecra. Do you use Enigmail, or what…?
Someone wrote that they didn’t necessarily use either a plugin for any email client, nor a client designed to automate using gnupg.

Not sure of exact steps, but they said could just (assume) type a msg into any editor / writer, select the typed message (maybe must save it 1st), then encrypt / sign it - & then just “paste” it into any email message body.

They said paste it, not attach it. Regardless, assuming recipients had the same encryption software (or one capable of decrypting that msg), I wonder what the steps would be to decrypt the received msg, that had been “pasted” into the email?


For many years now I am using this copy-paste-method for signin and in rare cases encrypting (sign/encrypt Clipboard-content). Never ran into problems with it (but mostly because nobody cares to check the signature …).
Encrypted e-mails are usually just for myself - and you can just use the same way there too!
I check signed e-mails I get just the same way: Copy to Clipboard - check signature.

Many years ago I had tried the Outlook-plugin but ran in too many problems and stopped using it.

I don’t really remember if Kleopatra does offer this option but I am pretty sure about it (because personally I use GPGshell etc. instead of Kleopatra or WinPT).

By the way:
As far as I remember I used this method already back in the Nineties with the free version of PGP.


Bernd Leutenecker

Thanks Bernd,
That sounds about the same as what I’d read.