Q Phone


Looking to set up gpg4win on my outlook 2003 machine this week. My cell phone, Motorola Q phone with Windows Mobile 5, is my right arm exteneded anymore. HA!

So, does this gpg4win work with Windows Mobile 5? Or, is there another software application I need to go with?

Thanks for a GREAT product.


No tests have been made with Windows Mobile so far.

I do expect a couple of problems but honestly
I have no idea how serious these will be.

Well, I am willing to volunteer to be a “test subject”. If you can generate an installer for the phone, or a list of proceedure for me to follow, I will go about getting it on my phone.

Please let me know. Thanks.

Thanks for volunteering as a tester.

However, the upfront work to get a initial
version running is likely considerable.
I currently really do not see how this
can be done with the limited resources
in the near future.