pubring.pgp and secring.pgp missing in Version 3.0.1


When we were using PGP4Win 2.3.4 together with the MailKit-library ( ) it worked like a charm.

We now tried to use Version 3.0.1 on a new server, but after creating pgp-keys using Kleopatra or GPA, there is no longer created a “pubring.gpg” or “secring.gpg” in my AppData/Roaming/gnupg-folder. Unfortunately, the MailKit / MimeKit-library uses these files ( see ).

I am not sure if this is an issue of MailKit or of PGP4Win. Is there any possibility to regenerate this files or should I report an issue to the MailKit-library?

Thanks & best regards,

GPG Modern doesn’t use those files anymore. It instead uses a folder structure and separate files for each key (IIRC).

GPG4Win 3+ is based on GPG Modern.

Thanks for the fast response, I now submitted an issue to the MimeKit-library as it seems to need to be fixed at their side.